i can’t express how great those pictures of neville wearing breeze and parker’s silly jackets are

i also can’t express how badly i want an extended breeze/neville feud because breeze is hilarious and it seems like neville definitely has potential to give into some silliness and they work really well together and ‘he’s too uggo to be champion' is the type of stuff that makes nxt so much fun. i want tyler giving a ridiculously long promo detailing all the reasons adrian is an uggo, and adrian being like ‘oh i’m sorry, do i not wear enough feathers? do i need more fuzz on my boots? doesn’t matter; i have the one accesory you’ll never get: the gold’

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Triple Threat for the NXT Championship @ Wrestlemania Axxess

Yes, that is Neville being awesome and wearing CJ & Tyler’s ring gear. 

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Chris Hero on Australia’s Border Patrol (x

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Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox


Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox

i’m bored, more old nxt - 6/12/13

maybe hulu’s ads won’t fuck up so i have to reload halfway through this time!

also i fucking hate these jet blue pigeon commercials; fuck you pigeons do not deserve respect


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Here comes your chance to be a hero."
— JC Denton, sounding badass seconds before being swiss-cheesed and/or flamethrower’d in Deus Ex (via alphagravy)

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nxt 6/7/13

hey i have 0 attention span and need to do the dishes so i can make food but let’s watch nxt

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yaay old nxts - 5/29/13

yes i am pretty much copying someone else who’s url i cannot remember because i am a butthead

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Dear NXT

I love you dearly. You are my favorite wrestling show. But lately, since Arrival happened, you haven’t been the same. I know you’ve lost a few people, both to callups (Emma, Paige, Xavier, Rusev, soon Bo and Adam Rose) and injury (Scott Dawson, Enzo), and you are developmental, so you always have time for people who need practice, but I feel like you just aren’t living up to your potential lately. You have dudes like Tyler Breeze, Aiden English, and Colin Cassady, and they’ve barely gotten time or plot since Arrival. Instead, we’ve got a lot of the pretty average Corey Graves, heat sink CJ Parker, and a whole lot of Mojo Rawley.

You’re losing a few greats, but you’ve still got a bunch of gems left that seem like they’re just sitting on the back burner. I understand you wanna do the big guy vs. flippy guy thing with Brodus and Adrian, but what happened to the amusing feuds we used to have? Where did Enzo & Cass vs. Aiden English go? Shouldn’t Tyler Breeze be talking shit about someone’s face right now?

Also, I know you’re in a dire situation now with established tag teams, but can the Ascension matches at least be a little more interesting? Or hell, maybe build up another tag team? Something to make them a little less by the numbers.

I know you can do it, because you’re great and you have a lot of talent and a dedicated crowd (well, except for Mojo Rawley’s family jesus christ of course your boy is your favorite but don’t sit on your hands like an asshole for everyone else). I just want it to happen like…now.



(PS - I think it’s time to put some more divas on TV; obviously Paige is gonna be in and out, but you’ve really just got one feud going on with the same three people fighting each other.)

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